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Virginia is an Anti-Ageing Practitioner, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Herbalist, Skin Care Specialist, Pharmacist, Compounding Pharmacist and Neurochange Practitioner. With a unique set of skills, over 30 years’ experience and an invaluable combination of qualifications, Virginia brings the personalised approach you need to help you reach optimal health.

What Makes Virginia Unique

Virginia brings a much-needed wealth of experience to understand the need for modern medicine when required, whilst preferring a more holist approach where possible. Understanding the benefits and limitations of both worlds to help you come up with a personalised health care approach that fits in with you and your lifestyle.

Personalised Consultations

Virginia specialises in personalised consultations to understand the underlying reasons why people aren’t feeling as well as they could be. This is not a one size fits all approach. Virginia cares about people. She takes the time to understand your needs, what you have tried before, what you are trying to achieve, & comes up with a personalised plan for you that actually fits in with you and your lifestyle to help you achieve your health goals.

How did Virginia Get to where she is?

Virginia owned and operated The Medicine Chest Compounding Pharmacy (formerly The Medicine Chest) from 1993 to November 2016. She brought compounding to Port Macquarie in 2010 and has helped many patients needing unique solutions to their problems.

Pharmacy has always been her passion but over time the industry has changed requiring more volume and less customer contact. Virginia has also become increasingly aware that many of our health issues can be treated in a more holistic way encompassing diet, exercise, supplementation, addressing inflammation, balancing hormones and genetic expression. In 2016 Virginia became a Certified Anti-Ageing Practitioner and is equipped to help you live the happiest, healthiest life that you possibly can.

This evolution in skills and passion has led to the creation of Virginia’s Apothecare in Clarence St Port Macquarie from 2017 to 2023. Virginia’s approach to healthcare is truly holistic offering personalised modern compounded medicines – both pharmacological and natural, functional testing to monitor your process, expertise and care.

The Latest Evolution of Virginia’s Apothecare

Late 2023 Virginia’s Apothecare listened to her patients, & evolved again to better fit in with her patients’ needs and demands. You asked, and we listened. More consultation times, shorter waits for appointments, more personalised help & more flexibility. Coming late November 2023, Virginia’s Apothecare is undergoing an exciting restructure & relocation.

We are moving to Lake Cathie! Virginia will be restructuring to focus on helping more people through personalised consultation as we simply could not keep up with the demand for her unique set of skills. We will be open via appointment, with personalised consultations face to face, over the phone & via zoom.

Unfortunately, to accommodate these changes & due to the increasing costs & changes to compounding, we will no longer be offering prescription compounding (compounding that requires a prescription from your doctor). However, Nutritional (non-prescription) compounding will still be available. Please see our how to order tab for information on how to get refills of your supplements and nutritional (non-prescription) compounding.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we look forward to this exciting new chapter with you.

Virginia is also available for personal consultations if interested.