Childhood Nutrition

At Virginia’s Apothecare, we offer a service that helps guide you as a parent, into the exciting world of introducing solids to your beautiful baby. A common issue for first time parents is being unsure about the ins and outs of weening your babies onto solid food. Common questions we hear are when do we start solids? What foods do we introduce? How do you avoid food intolerances? How much food should be offered? We are able to offer one on one consultations in the clinic or also offer group sessions with mothers groups (at a location convenient to your group) to discuss these common questions and any other questions you may have about this stage in your baby’s life.

There are so many food products out there now days… The decision for parents is challenging, what do you feed your kids? What food should I send them to school with? We are here to support you as a parent/care giver or to guide your child through their health journey. Whether they suffer from early childhood obesity, gut issues such as bloating, skin issues or general fussy eating, we are here to guide you into a space that incorporates consistent healthy, clean eating.