Prescription Compounding

Compounding chemist making capsules

Compounding chemist making capsules

Medications your doctor prescribes may be unpleasant to take for a variety of reasons.

Pills that are large or have an unpleasant taste can cause discomfort. Patients who take several pills a day may need an easier way to consume what they need on a daily basis. Others may be allergic to preservatives, dyes or gluten commonly added to mass-produced medicines.

A compound pharmacist is a licensed pharmacist specially trained to customise medicine to fit your needs. We work closely with your practitioner to find the right dosage amount and form that’s suits you.

At Virginia’s Apothecare, we’ll work with you to find the right combination to make it easier for you to take your medication. It may be as simple as changing the flavour or changing the pill into an oral liquid, lozenge or chewable form.

Taking medicine shouldn’t be hard. There are ways to make it more enjoyable and we’re here to help you find the right solution.

Stop by and talk to Virginia and learn more about how compound pharmacy can help you.