Paediatric Compounding

Paediatric Compounding

When your child is sick and resists taking medicine, we know how hard it is for parents.

Children aren’t able to swallow a pill yet and have a wide range of sensitivities to textures, smells and tastes. The cherry flavour they once liked, may be pushed away this time.

A compound chemist can solve these issues by taking the medicine your child needs and customising it in a way that’s more pleasing.

At Virginia’s Apothecare we reformulate commercially made medicine based on your child’s needs. We make syrups and liquids with your child’s favourite flavour and topical gels so everyone is relaxed when it’s time to take their medicine.

By customising the ingredients to a child’s specific weight and by removing any ingredients causing adverse reactions, your child will feel better faster.

If your child has any of these sensitivities or takes several medications each day, stop in and talk to Virginia. We work closely with your healthcare provider and can combine multiple medications into a single dose making it easier for you.